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Foot, knee or back pain?

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We know you’re busy and
you spend a lot of time on your feet

Let HealthCasa come to you

Instant Booking

When you book an appointment, it’s BOOKED. We don’t mess around with annoying booking requests dressed up as actual bookings.

Convenient Appointments

Book your appointment for before, during, or after your workday... We come to YOU!

Save Time

No traffic, no waiting rooms, no delays... You have better things to do, like spend time with your family or close that big deal at work!

Secure Patient Portal

Easily access all your prescriptions, documents and receipts

It’s that easy! #easywithHC

We are a comprehensive mobile orthotics clinic…not just a matching service that takes booking requests.

HealthCasa streamlines the entire patient experience from booking an appointment to managing your prescriptions and documents. Book confidently with HealthCasa knowing that you will be receiving the same high standard of care no matter which practitioner you see or where you are located.

Our Orthotics are really custom-made

The orthotic industry can be confusing with so many options available to consumers. Knowing what to look for and asking the right questions is your key to getting the best possible solution to your foot problems. Close enough is NOT good enough for HealthCasa! Our lab and their highly trained technicians makes only custom-made orthotics using the best quality materials.

It really is SO convenient

HealthCasa can free up your time to do more important things. Whether you’re a new mom who wants an orthotics appointment while the baby naps; the executive who is at work all day and needs an appointment first thing in the morning or between meetings; or the son looking for an appointment for his elderly mother who can’t drive.


Most insurance plans cover our products and services. We provide online access to all your documents and receipts so that you can easily submit them to your insurance company for reimbursement.

We don’t charge a premium for being super convenient and coming to your home or office.  Our fees are aligned with most other clinics so you get more value for the same price.

Initial Assessment Orthotics

Are you experiencing foot or lower leg pain or discomfort?

Initial Treatment Footcare

Do you suffer from any foot-related skin or nail conditions?

Follow up Orthotics

You maintain your car, why not your orthotics?

Follow up Footcare

Keep on top of your preventative footcare

Orthotics First Pair

Fully custom made according to your foot conditions, lifestyle, and activities

Orthotics Second Pair

WHOA! We know, it’s amazing!

* If purchased within 30 days of first order.

OUR Practitioners

Fully Licensed Chiropodists and Podiatrists

At HealthCasa, we not only strive to hire the most technically qualified practitioners, but also those who are passionate about providing you with the most amazing healthcare experience

In person interviews

We meet all our practitioners in person to ensure that they meet all of our requirements. Multiple members of the HealthCasa executive team are personally involved in selecting and training only the highest quality practitioners.

Fully vetted

All our practitioners are fully registered and in good standing with the College of Chiropodists of Ontario, are fully insured, and have successfully passed extensive police background checks.

Building a community

We build strong, collaborative relationships and maintain constant communication between our practitioners to ensure that they can always benefit from each other’s expertise.

Patient feedback

We continually review patient feedback to make sure you are always matched with only the best practitioners in your area.

“I’m so thrilled to be a part of this team. I look forward to meeting you”

- Marlie, Chiropodist

What is a Podiatrist vs Chiropodist?

A Chiropodist (pronounced : ‘ker-ro-po-dist’) is a regulated health professional, described as a foot specialist, who provides a variety of medical services, ranging from nail and skin care to orthotics. Chiropodists are key members of your foot health care team, representing the largest number of foot specialists in Ontario.

Practitioners in the US, or those who came to Ontario before 1993, are referred to as Podiatrists, while those who came after 1993 or are educated in Ontario are called Chiropodists.