Your HealthCasa appointment


You’ve booked your appointment and now you’re wondering what to expect. Watch as our Chief Chiropodist, Marlie performs a podiatry treatment, and casts for custom orthotics:

How should you prepare for your appointment?

1. Complete your Patient Intake Form prior to your appointment so that your practitioner has time to review your medical history

2. Have somewhere clean for you and your practitioner to sit. Make sure you’re comfortable!

3. Have the shoes that you wear most often available to show your practitioner

4. Remove nail polish from your toes prior to podiatry appointments.

What about equipment and materials?

We bring everything else that is required for the appointment. HealthCasa provides your practitioners with all the necessary equipment, materials and supplies needed to cast for custom orthotics and to perform a variety of podiatry procedures. So, you can rest assured knowing that all HealthCasa practitioners will be using only sterile, single-use, pre-packaged foot care instruments and the best medicaments, all selected by the HealthCasa clinical team. 

And best of all, the entire appointment takes place in YOUR home or office! 

No traffic, no waiting rooms, no delays. 

Let HealthCasa come to you!