HealthCasa is the only on-demand service that allows you to book an appointment online through a LIVE, REAL-TIME appointment booking portal, with a practitioner of your choice, at the location of your choice, and on a day and time that is convenient for YOU! No need to spend time requesting and confirming appointments, sitting in a crowded waiting room or battling traffic or transit delays. Enjoy a 5-star healthcare experience in the comfort of your home or office, with services available from 7am-10pm, 7 days a week.

HealthCasa is not only an online booking system, but also a fully integrated patient portal which allows you to pay for your appointments, complete patient intake forms, access all your past and upcoming appointments, receipts, prescriptions, medical forms, and invoices for insurance (and more!)

We currently offer Chiropody/Podiatry services across the GTA. Our fully vetted and certified Chiropodists and Podiatrists can assess and cast for custom-made orthotics and perform a variety of general foot-care treatments. Multiple members of the HealthCasa executive team are personally involved in interviewing, selecting and training only the highest quality practitioners. We’re passionate about improving access to high quality home healthcare services across the GTA and we look forward to expanding our list of services and service areas soon.


Karen Klein
Co-founder and CEO

Prior to co-founding HealthCasa, Karen worked as a dentist in Johannesburg, South Africa, after graduating with a Bachelor of Dental Science degree from the University of the Witwatersrand. She graduated first in her class in dental school, won the majority of the prizes at university for academic and clinic excellence and was working as an associate at a successful dental practice in Johannesburg. However, she soon came to the realization that practicing dentistry was not her passion, and she believes strongly that success is fueled by passion. She knew that her future lay somewhere in healthcare, and after moving to Toronto, she decided to complete her MBA at the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto, specialising in Healthcare Management. She served as the president of the Healthcare Management Association, leading an executive committee, and was selected as a member of the Rotman Healthcare and Life Sciences Advisory Board. Karen has recently acted as a consultant for University Health Network and for Gamma Dynacare Medical Laboratories.

As a healthcare practitioner, patient, mom and entrepreneur, Karen values quality, convenience, choice and transparency in healthcare delivery. Living in downtown Toronto, she’s become accustomed to the ever-growing variety of on-demand services, that just seem to make life that much simpler. But, she has found the healthcare sector struggling to catch up. She recently experienced a major gap in the system when trying to set up an in-home health consultation for her toddler. It took 6 phone calls and messages to 4 different healthcare practitioners over a period of 3 weeks to find a practitioner who's availability was compatible with her schedule, and worked in her area.

Karen is passionate about healthcare innovation and is thrilled to be working with the HealthCasa team to create and implement innovative solutions to provide high quality home healthcare services across the GTA.

Mike Gaspar
Co-founder and COO

Mike is an entrepreneur at heart, and when it comes to business, customer satisfaction is Mike’s highest priority.  In 2010, Mike established a small foot clinic and orthopedic shoe store in the GTA and grew that business to 3 clinic locations, and in tandem started an orthotic manufacturing lab in the GTA. He successfully sold that business in 2014.  The exceptional growth of these businesses over a short time period was due, in large part, to fine tuning the day-to-day clinical operations, working closely with practitioners and staff, and a commitment to providing extraordinary customer service, all of which yielded a high rate of customer referrals.  

Having built and grown successful healthcare businesses, Mike was inspired to reenter the industry with a different lens, and this time leveraging technology and innovation to an industry still operating with an old-school delivery model. Additionally, Mike and others in the field are acutely aware of the dishonest business practices taking place in many clinics. To combat this negative trend, Mike is now excited to ensure that HealthCasa is positioned as an honest and fully transparent healthcare service provider for both practitioners and patients.

Mike’s aspiration for HealthCasa is twofold: First, to provide patients with a simple, effective, efficient and convenient option when it comes to addressing their healthcare needs. Second, to provide healthcare practitioners with the infrastructure necessary to provide high quality patient care and to provide them with a safe, honest, and transparent work environment.

Marlie Cappel
Chief Chiropodist

Marlie attended George Brown College in Toronto, where she studied Prosthetics and Orthotics. She then went on to study Chiropody at the Michener Institute for Applied Health Sciences. While at the Michener Institute, Marlie completed the Diabetes Educator Course, which gave her the opportunity to enhance her knowledge and skills in the area of diabetic footcare. Marlie has over ten years of clinical experience providing medical assessments, implementing treatment plans for a wide array of foot conditions and disorders, treating foot injuries and performing both wound care and foot surgeries. With her background in Prosthetics and Orthotics, she also has a more comprehensive understanding of how the body functions and how good quality custom orthotics can play a crucial role in alleviating biomechanical dysfunction. Over the years, she has mentored and trained many Chiropody students and as a clinician, she is constantly educating herself on the latest advancements in the field of Chiropody.

As a practicing Chiropodist, who frequently performs in-home consultations, Marlie can truly appreciate the benefits of home healthcare. She has worked with patients that are immobile, and have numerous physical limitations that would prevent them from accessing healthcare services outside of the home and has seen how in-home services within a relaxed environment can help to alleviate the stress on both patients and their caregivers. Many of her patients are busy, working professionals who simply don’t have time for more “traditional” healthcare appointments, and value the convenience of in-home services.

Marlie is passionate about foot care and truly cares about her patients’ healthcare needs. She is thrilled to have the opportunity to select and train passionate practitioners to join the HealthCasa team and to ensure that every patient receives only the best possible healthcare service. One of the most important lessons Marlie has learnt over the years, is to identify a patient as a person first, and only then to focus on their disease or condition. She truly believes that high quality home healthcare services can assist practitioners in gaining a better understanding of a patient’s habits and lifestyle, thus providing more optimal patient care.

Carrie Jacobson
Director of Customer Experience

Carrie holds a Masters of Social Work with a specialization in health and mental health from the Factor-Inwentash Faculty of Social Work, at the University of Toronto. She has worked with diverse patient populations and has a wide range of social work experience in community, clinical and policy work settings. Prior to joining HealthCasa, Carrie held several positions at both the Ministry of Community and Social Services and the Ministry of Children and Youth Services, working in the area of children’s and adult developmental services.

As a social worker, Carrie can understand how overwhelming, frustrating and time consuming it can be, to access reliable health-related services. Through her role as a case-worker, she has helped many families navigate the system to gain access to community and healthcare services. She also understands the importance of making patients feel at ease during appointments, especially those who are apprehensive about receiving new types of treatments or services. Having an appointment at a convenient time, in the comfort their own home can often help to reduce some of the anxiety associated with healthcare services. Through her professional experience, Carrie has also learnt that if a patient is feeling comfortable during their appointment, then there is a higher likelihood of a successful health outcome.

When Carrie heard about HealthCasa, she immediately knew she wanted to be a part of the team. As a mother of two school-aged children, she knows first hand how difficult it can be to carve out time during a busy day for health-related appointments for both children or adults. She is thrilled to have the opportunity to improve the efficiency and quality of healthcare services across the GTA and is committed to ensuring that every HealthCasa patient has an excellent customer experience from start to finish.

Jared Kalish
Strategic Advisor

Jared is an investor in various early stage businesses, and is passionate about building businesses. He is a co-founder of FirePower Asset Management and leads FirePower Capital’s Private Capital division, which manages the firm’s direct lending and investment activities. Previously, he was responsible for Structured Finance and Strategic Equity for Investec in Canada. Jared achieved significant success early in his career and was appointed as a division head for Investec in South Africa at the age of 27, where he led the Equity Structuring team to realize substantial growth in profitability. He holds a BSc in Actuarial Science and an MSc in Risk and Stochastics from the London School of Economics.

Ilan Jacobson
Strategic Advisor

Ilan is a born entrepreneur. He is the CEO and founder of FirePower Capital, and is responsible for leading FirePower Capital in all its endeavours, setting its strategic direction and providing top-level guidance on key transactions undertaken by the Investment Banking division. Ilan also assesses new direct investments for FirePower’s Private Capital funds, and is also Chairman of BATL axe-throwing. Previously, Ilan was a Portfolio Manager at a leading venture capital firm in Toronto, where he sat on numerous boards. He received his MBA from the Ted Rogers School of Management at Ryerson University, and has an Honours Degree in Science with a specialization in genetics from the University of Western Ontario.